BD Micro-Fine 0.5 Insulin Syringe with 29G x 12.7 mm Needle (Pack of 100)

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These BD 29G Micro-Fine syringes are perfect for administering medication to diabetics.  Each syringe is blister sealed for sterility and are packaged in packs of 10

An essential part of achieving good glycaemic control is accurate dosing and each syringe has been clearly marked in one unit increments, allowing you to deliver the correct dose more accurately. It is important to choose the size of the syringe according to the volume to be injected.

  • Gauge/Size: 29G
  • Needle Length (mm) 12.7 mm
  • Needle Length (inch) 0.5 inch
  • Hub Colour: Clear
  • Type: Fixed needle
  • Brand : Micro-Fine

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